Last Monday, I ran for 2 hours. (#$%@!)

The result? Not being able to run for another week.

I wanted to experience what it would feel like running for that long so I could also mentally prepare myself for the actual half-marathon. Even though my legs were starting to hurt after an hour of running, I continued to push myself and endure the pain. My left knee started to throb around the 10km mark but I continued to run. I ran for an hour by myself and a friend joined me during the second half of it. Although we did have a couple of pit stops at parks and playgrounds, I should have told him straight up that my legs felt weak and all I wanted to do was rest. Not walk because even that hurt… but simply stop and stretch out the kinks.

You see, I could have probably ran the entire distance but there were so many factors pulling me down. Here are some reasons why the run was not enjoyable:

  • Half way through the run, my driver’s license fell out of my pocket! Crap, I really should have worn the jacket with zippers…
  • Weather was good during most of the way, but then an explosion of rainfall came down. This happened AFTER I realized that I lost my license so imagine how… “happy” I was.
  • Both ankles were hurting and there was pressure building on my left knee (aka my body was not in its finest condition to run).
  • Pain… pain… pain all over my body!

Usually after a long run, I feel extremely accomplished and my body feels fantastic! But this run was the total opposite which made me a bit upset. Because I ran recklessly and did not take care of my body properly, I had to suffer through the consequences and had to give up running for one whole week. I still haven’t worn my runners ever since the incident but I’m walking normally now so I’m pretty sure I’m good to go! Tomorrow will be a test day as I’m heading to the Vancouver sea wall to bike… let’s hope for the best! Dear Left Knee… please smile for me!

So some advice to the avid runners out there… LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! If it’s acting funny and hurting in certain places, please slow down and take a small breather! Trust me, you will thank me in the long run.

Side note: A kind Samaritan left my driver’s license on my front door step and didn’t even show their face! So thank you to whoever returned my driver’s license. You rock!!