On Monday morning, my friends and I decided to climb THE CHIEF!

The Chief, formally known as Stawamus Chief, is located in Squamish, BC which is about an hour drive north of Vancouver. There are three main paths that lead to the mountain summits – Peak 1, Peak 2, and Peak 3. Every time I visit the Chief , I always complete Peak 1, the shortest hike of the mountain! Despite being the shortest path, the view at the top is still beautiful, mesmerizing… and a bit nerve-wracking (if you’re afraid of heights!)

This time, I wanted a challenge and we all agreed that Peak 3 was the way to go!! I was super excited that we would be climbing a different route, yet a bit nervous because I had work at 5pm that day! My goal was to finish the hike before 2pm so we can zoom back home and hopefully make my shift on time!

Before climbing the mountain, we visited Nester’s Market to grab a few snacks. Quinoa salad, granola bars, and bananas were some of the items we brought up! I also packed two water bottles for the journey because I knew I would not survive without those! Also, I remember the last time I was up there, gas prices were cheaper so I told my friends to fill their cars before we left. Although gas prices were less expensive, it wasn’t something to jump for joy for… It was 143.5/L instead of 147.9/L (How wonderful…) Gas prices to this day still makes me shiver. (Students, take advantage of your U-Passes!!)

Climbing the Chief wasn’t too bad at first. It was nice to step on top of large rocks and boulders instead of the usual man-made staircase path like the Grouse Grind. However, after about 10 minutes, I could hear the people around me panting and gasping for fresh air. That’s when everyone realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy let’s-go-smell-the-roses type of hike. It was THE CHIEF, a fun sweat-til-you’re-drenched type of hike.

Below are some pictures of what you will see on your way to Peak 3!

A large rock to pose in front of…

Some fallen trees to stand on…

And a beautiful water fall to look at!

Although we were worried about the time constraint, we eventually made it to the top!! And boy was it BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s a picture of the Chief Champions and the epic view!

Left-to-right: Roy, Kim, Lynn, Joseph

We spent about half an hour cherishing the scenic view, eating our snacks and taking lots of action shots! We tried doing some ninja kicks but that didn’t turn out so well… so here’s one of us happily jumping!

Overall, the Chief was an amazing experience! If you ever get the chance to climb it, I would definitely recommend climbing all three Peaks! My friends who have climbed Peaks 1, 2, and 3 in one day say YES, it’s a  manageable task and takes about 6 hours in total. Although, if you’re short for time like I was… it takes about 45 minutes to climb Peak 1, 1.5 hrs to climb Peak 3, and something between those two times to climb Peak 2! (I haven’t done Peak 2 yet!)

So what are you waiting for? Go for it, test your limits and explore!! The view from above is something you can’t miss out on! I encourage everyone to try it out, regardless of your fitness level… it’s totally doable! Well, unless your physician tells you not to climb due to medical conditions.

P.S. – If you know any other trails, hikes, or mountains around the Lower Mainland area, please let me know! I’m always up for trying out new places!

And to end off the post… a picture of a happy climber!