About a year ago around this time, I was boarding a plane to go to the ACE National Exposition located in Toronto, the largest city in Canada.

It felt like it was just yesterday that we were cheering loudly for our team, SIFE Simon Fraser, trying to outshine the other teams across the nation (all in good fun, of course!) Although we only stayed in Toronto for five days, each of those days were compacted with memories and endless amounts of laughter. On top of meeting extraordinary SIFErs from across Canada, we were able to have a couple of days to explore the culture and beauty of Ontario. Although time was limited, we were able to visit the magnificent Niagara Falls, see Amish families walk casually by and meet amazing people along the way. Also, because I rarely get the chance to travel, any place I go outside of Lower Mainland BC excites me to the core! (Yes, even traveling to cities within Canada make me giddy with joy!)

And in 15 days… I get to fly out to Calgary, Alberta!! Many people say Calgary is a bore compared to other urban cities, but I’ve never been there before so I CAN’T WAIT TO EXPLORE! Even though I should be working on the ACE Regionals Financial Literacy (aka FinLit) script with my team and preparing for the competition, I just wanted to write this mini post to express my feelings of overwhelming excitement for the trip! You do not know how stoked I am!! Go, SIFE Simon Fraser, go!!

Taking a trip down memory lane…

ACE Nationals

SIFE Simon Fraser team at YVR, about to board the plane to Toronto!

ACE Nationals 2

Day 1 of ACE National Exposition, Opening Ceremony

Niagara Falls

Oh hello there, Niagara Falls!

Niagara Falls 2

Riding inside some see-through Ferris Wheel-like ride at Niagara Falls

Hardcore SIFErs

Just some hardcore SIFErs waiting for the bus to arrive