The real question is why didn’t I start blogging sooner?! 

Online blogging is a way to express your thoughts, keep track of memories, cherish the successes and learn from the failures. For me, I just need a place to jot down what I’ve learned in life and document my the experiences that help sculpt and form the person I am today.

Lately, I’ve been trying a lot of new things out (e.g. eating quinoa, cooking, meeting a local MLA) and what you don’t know is that each new experience changes how I perceive life and pushes me to move forward and DO MORE! I think I’m addicted to trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. This year has been amazing so far and I wished I had written blogs to keep track of my life-changing experiences, but hey! No regrets. Just move on!

Before I really begin to blog, I want to share some highlights since the beginning of this year. Although, I did not make any New Year’s resolutions for 2012… I somehow managed to accomplish some exciting things. These may not interest you, but guess what?! AFTER EACH OF THESE EVENTS, I FELT LIKE A BRAND NEW PERSON. Don’t judge. Just watch me grow!

  1. Learned how to cook. Before, I told myself I would marry a man who had mad skills in the kitchen. My life consisted of mooching off my mommy’s homemade dishes and refusing to learn what a saucepan was used for. Seriously, ask me what I knew how to cook and I would say my specialties were toast, cereal and milk, and scrambled eggs. Now, going home early to cook is a treat! Confession: I once skipped class to prepare a healthy lunch for myself.
  2. Introduced myself to quinoa. No idea how I survived two decades of eating two bowls of white rice each day. As much as I miss the carbs, quinoa has helped me feel more energized and less drained. The high amounts of protein and fibre are mini motivators for me to consume more!
  3. Ran the 10km Vancouver Sun Run under an hour. First time I ran the Sun Run, my time was 61:21 which is 1 hour, 1 minute, and 21 seconds. I was scared to run it again in fear that I wouldn’t beat my time. This year, I spontaneously decided to run the crazy 10km run and registered the day before the race. Finished off with 56:57 and was ecstatic with the result!  Cool thing was that I ran alone without my phone to check the time and without music to motivate me. It was all self-talk and mini prayers that kept me going!
  4. Placed first in the ACE Regional Exposition – Financial Education Challenge. One of my greatest accomplishments so far! I couldn’t have asked for a more astounding team – Lynn, Joseph, and Jennifer. Our hard work, blood, sweat, (don’t think there were tears)… and insane late night practices all paid off! However, winning is tough ’cause now we gotta compete at ACE Nationals in Calgary!!
  5. Passing Finance class. This actually happened last term, but I’m writing about it because it significantly CHANGED MY LIFE. After failing all of the quizzes and completely bombing the midterm (average was 49/60, my mark was 14/60 – yes, you have permission to cackle), I walked into my TA’s office and told them, “I give up. I’m not going to write the final.” All 5 TA’s told me the same thing, “Don’t give up… might as well TRY!” Their dedication to help me achieve a decent mark almost made me cry. I couldn’t believe how much they were willing to help an idiotic stranger who couldn’t calculate the coupon rate of a bond. In the end, I somehow managed to achieve a passing grade and went out for celebratory sushi. Best feeling ever! (Btw, the “everyone-fails-their-first-finance-course myth is indeed JUST A MYTH) You can achieve whatever you set your mind to!

As you can see, I’ve learned a lot from my successes and failures and most importantly, discovered my potential in achieving the impossible! All of these events plus more have definitely made an impact on me and I hope to dive into more exciting adventures in the future!

Thank you for reading my first blog entry! Although this isn’t my first blog post ever (does Xanga in 2005 count?), it is the first one on this account so it does have some importance to it. It’s the beginning of something new!